With warm weather and school break, summer is here. It is a perfect opportunity to head out with your family and spend some quality time amidst nature.
But before you hit the road, you must know that camping in the summer season is not the same as camping in any other season. Several hardships like scorching heat and insects might come your way and ruin your camping trip.
Here are some tips to help you prepare for a fun summer camping trip without heat and insects.
Best Tips For Camping In Summer

Tips For Camping in Summer

Use Orange Light To Illuminate Your Campsite

Bugs, insects, and mosquitos are uninvited camping buddies during summer. To make them stay far away from your campsite, use orange lighting instead of bright white lights to brighten up your campsite at night.
Warm lighting is less likely to attract bugs, especially orange light repels bugs by up to 90%. It saves you from infections by minimizing the presence of mosquitos, bugs, and insects at the campsite.

A Portable Fan For Rescue

Without the fresh, cool air, you would barely be able to sleep on a hot summer night. Well, you can make up for your comfortable snooze at night with a portable fan!
Set up the fan in your tent, open windows & doors, and leave the screens in place. It would circulate the fresh air inside your camping set up, keeping away the mosquitoes.

Pack Light-Coloured, Loose & Breathable Clothes

While packing for a summer camping trip, pick out the light-colored, loose & lightweight clothes.
Avoid synthetic fabrics, and consider cotton clothes for the trip. Cotton is the perfect summer fabric for camping. It steadily absorbs the sweat from the body and evaporates into the air. It keeps you cool even in the scorching sun and safeguards you from infections.
Opt for loose, light-colored clothes like yellow, white, and beige. Loose fit ensures smooth blood circulation and light-shades tend to reflect the heat and make you feel cool while camping in the heat. Long-sleeve clothes also work best in protecting you from the summer sun.

Take Along Your Shade

Shade is a necessity but is not always available at the campsite.  At Xtend Outdoors, we offer a modern caravan accessory that would instantly provide you shade from the scorching summer heat and double your living space - an awning.
Whether you want protection from the sun, store your luggage, or perform recreational activities like cooking, a caravan awning works best for everything.

Do Not Forget First Aid Kit

Be it summer, winter, or spring, a first-aid kit is all-season camping gear. But, when heading out in summers, you need to include a few extra items like:
- hydration tablets,
- mosquito repellent cream,
- mosquito net,
- a dry soap to get quick relief from mosquito bites,
- pressure bandage, and
- sunscreen.


Now that you know what you need to take care of, pack your bags with summer essentials and your caravan with the latest accessories to hit the road.
Apart from caravan awnings, you get a variety of modern caravan accessories at Xtend Outdoors that ensure a safe camping trip anytime you decide to head out.
January 04, 2022 — admin