2022 is right there on the door. It's time to wave goodbye to 2021 and welcome the new year with all the fun and excitement. And what could be more exciting than camping in the great outdoors of Australia on new year's eve?
Stargazing in the outdoors, hiking in the wilderness, relaxing amidst the beautiful nature with the best company away from the hustle & bustle is the perfect way to start the year.
But unlike regular camping, camping during the new year is not easy. You need to take care of many things.
Tips for New Year’s Eve Camping in Australia
We have put together some tips to help you make your new year camping one of the best experiences.


Firstly, Book Your Camping Spot

Start with booking your camping spot well in advance. By not doing so, you might get your hands off your favorite spot. And especially during the holiday season, chances are quite high as camping on new year's eve is at the top of the list of all adventure enthusiasts.
So, the moment you plan your trip, book the campsite and breathe a sigh of relief. Secure your spot latest by October or November. Have you not done so till now? Don't worry. Search and try booking right away. Or, if traveling via 4WD, you can go off-grid to avoid the massive crowds.

Prepare For The Hot Weather

Unlike other countries, camping in Australia during the new year requires extra preparation because it's scorching hot outside.
The blistering temperature at the campsite can steal your excitement, thunder, comfort, and everything in a blink. Here is how you can keep the heat at bay and enjoy the celebrations.
- Take a portable fan to circulate fresh & cool air inside the tent.
- Pitch your tent in the shady spot near the water.
- Set up an awning.
- Stay hydrated.
- Pack loose & light-colored cotton clothes for the trip.

Plan For Some Fun

Are you taking along your kids for the new year's camping trip? Prepare for them as well. You might have planned so much for new year's eve. But kids might get bored when you are busy with something.
You need not do anything fancy for their entertainment. Pack some of the favorite snacks & board games, organize a few outdoor activities like a treasure and surprise them with gifts. You can even indulge your kids in a few chores along with you to keep them busy.
And nothing is more exciting than a dip in the water on a hot day. Plan some water activities for them if setting up the camp close to water.

Bring In The Celebratory Feels At the Campsite

When the clock hits twelve, open the cans and set the celebration mood. Make some party hats and noisemakers along with the kids. You can even award the one with the best hat and noisemaker for some fun.
Also, avoid burning firecrackers. Instead, light up your campsite with bright lights or experience the views of the milky way at night. Make sure you do not go out of the range with noisemakers and disturb your neighbors at the campsite.

Safety is Paramount

When traveling during this time, you need to be extra cautious.
- Try heading out for the trip in the early morning.
- Do not drink & drive.
- Keep the noise under control at the campground.
- After the celebration, clean the area thoroughly and make sure nothing is left.
- Skip wine glass bottles and prefer taking cans.


New year's eve is no fun when struggling with scorching heat. Attaching an awning to your vehicle eliminates all of it. Whether traveling by a caravan or your 4WD, at Xtend Outdoors, we have top-quality awnings for both, making your camping trip fun and hassle-free.
December 29, 2021 — admin