While towing off-road, a caravan constantly encounters road obstacles like mud, dirt, rocks, gravel, water, and more. Getting a stone chip or all decked up in mud is no surprise!
It might seem like a bare mud spot or paint chip but could cost you fortunes to get back the caravan in the same condition.
However, there is a way out of this. It is possible to keep these road obstacles at bay and keep your caravan safe throughout with the help of a few accessories.
Protect the Caravan Front While Towing

Front Panel Caravan Towing Cover

When a caravan is towed, the front panel is exposed to insects, mud splashes, stone chips, road dirt, water, fumes from the car, heat, and so much more that increases the chances of damage.
But, when you attach a towing cover, you put a barrier that safeguards the front of the caravan from all of it.
Caravan towing cover is the perfect low-cost solution to protect the caravan's front panel from dirt & damage. It ensures to keep the vehicle in great condition, just like how you want it to be.


Mudflaps are considered one of the great options for caravan protection. The tires remain in constant contact with the road mud, dirt, water, and rocks while driving. Mudflaps tend to protect the front and chassis of the caravan from dirt, dents, scratches by kicking off every obstacle away from the vehicle.
You can choose from the ones that can be permanently attached to the rear of the wheels and the detachable ones.

Hitch Shields

To protect the caravan front, you can even consider hitch shields. The shield is attached to the hitch between the caravan and tow vehicle. It prevents the flying rocks & gravel on the road from causing hard-to-repair stone chips and damaging the caravan front.
Hitch shields are very sturdy yet lightweight and easy to use. One can use these versatile accessories for boats, yachts, canoes, etc.

Protective Plate

If you are looking for firm protection for your caravan, fit the checker plate. A caravan checker plate is used to protect the front and sides of the caravan from damage. These are nothing but protective layers of metal or aluminum with diamonds on one side.
Caravan are sturdy & strong enough to protect the caravan from any possible damage. The design and durability of the caravan checker plate make it a great option to modernize the look of the caravan. You can even use these plates to hide the existing stone chips on the caravan.


To protect your caravan front, ensure a safe trip, and save some fortunes on the damage repair, install the necessary accessories before you hit the caravan.
You need not search for accessories as well as the providers. At Xtend Outdoors, we offer and install the latest caravan and 4WD modifications and make them road-ready.
December 17, 2021 — admin