In Australia, camping is an important lifestyle and pastime. People look for a reason to head out with their family & friends and enjoy amidst nature.
Coastal Australia has caravan specialist and 4wd specialist centers everywhere but rarely does one business do both, with the support of a manufacturing facility and the buying ability of an extensive national installation network.
RV-Products and 4WD Products
At Xtend Outdoors we come to you, we can deck out your tow rig or 4wd and van at the same time, installing all the creature comforts and off-road modifications needed for a more enjoyable time outdoors.
We sell a complete range of off-roading equipment and caravanning equipment all of which can be installed on your vehicle Australia-wide.
But in the rush of excitement and joy, you often forget to equip your caravan with the essential accessories and make important upgrades. Do not Worry. We have listed essential items for you below to ensure you have a safe and easy camping adventure.


Once we reach the campsite, we always wish for extra living space and privacy. Don't you? Well, you can take it along with you.
An annexe extends your living space in minutes and allows you to live with all the homely comforts at the campsite.
Whether you want to stuff your luggage, store camping gear, relax, sleep, cook, or play with your kids, an annexe provides you with ample space that eases you from the efforts and struggle. The enclosed structure of the annexe like a room offers you complete privacy from your neighbors at the campsite.

MSA Fridge Slide

Portable refrigerators have made our lives and camping quite easy. But when on the road, one always struggles to open the lid and reach the food & drinks inside because of the limited roof or side space depending upon the fridge.
That is when a fridge slide comes in. When fitted on the slide, the fridge becomes easily accessible. The slide extends out from the vehicle tailgate, which brings the fridge out and allows you to open it conveniently on the road. You no longer must take the whole fridge out every time you need something; just extend out the fridge slide!

Electric Brakes

Often a trailer starts swaying on the hill slope, in the high winds, or when overtaken by a large vehicle and sways behind the tow vehicle. The trailer's weight makes it difficult to apply the brake and slow down the trailer on the road. Which in turn results in unexpected situations.
To prevent such mishaps, you need to upgrade to electric trailer brakes. These brakes eliminate the chances of such situations by providing extra braking control to you in the driving cabin with the brake controller. With its help, you can easily and instantly slow down the trailer whenever you feel like it is swaying.

Xtend Outdoors Can Help You with Everything

You need not search different service providers for installing these accessories to your vehicle. Be it installing an annexe or a fridge slide or upgrading the trailer brakes, Xtend Outdoors is the one-stop solution to get it done all. We can help you with everything and make your camping experience better and safer.
November 15, 2021 — admin