Caravan Awning

It is important to keep your caravan’s awnings clean. A clean awning will not only deliver prolonged usage but it will also provide a healthy environment. I am sure you would not like to travel around with an awning that is infested with germs and is covered with grime. Usually, cleaning a caravan awning may involve time and efforts, especially for removing the awning fabric. Have you ever thought about getting the job done in just one step?

When I say about cleaning the caravan awning in just a single step, I mean cleaning both sides of the fabric in one swift move. How is this possible? First you need to create a cleaning solution. For this, you need to mix 2 parts of bleach to 8-10 parts of water. Put this solution in a spray bottle and test it by spray once or twice. Before you start the cleaning process, just extend the awning out completely as this would expose the maximum area of the awning’s fabric.

The one step cleaning requires you to cover both the sides of the fabric with an even coating of the cleaning mixture. Once done, just retract the awning and let it sit for a while. After an hour or so, just pull out the awning and you will notice that it’s clean. Just rinse it off with some water and let it dry. Now wasn’t that easy? If you caravan awning is excessively dirty, then you might want to give it a light scrub with a brush. However, if you repeat this one step cleaning process periodically, then you need not worry about the awning getting very dirty.

I hope this was a helpful tip for all caravanners out there. If you have some suggestions or other fast methods for cleaning caravan awnings, share them in the comments thread below. Happy caravanning!

June 05, 2015 — admin