Caravanning in Winter

I am sure that you will agree that winter is indeed the best season to go caravanning. The camping grounds are less populated and traffic isn’t usually as thick as you would expect in summers. Probably the best aspect of caravanning in winter is that the caravan parks charge less fees than they would during the peak season. I love to go out on road trips and camping adventures during winter, but it does require some precautions and certain measures to avoid running into trouble.

Check out the following tips and follow them if you wish to have a comfortable and hassle free experience while caravanning in winter.

Keep Yourself Warm

Keeping yourself warm is an absolute necessity during winters unless you want to spoil your experience. It’s quite easy to stay warm. Get a good jacket, some gloves, a warm sleeping bag, thermal underwear, and a scarf for protecting yourself from the cold. If you plan to stay in the caravan then you would need to ensure that a warm ambiance is maintained inside the caravan. A good way to do this is to leave the heating on a very low level when you are not in the caravan. When you return, all you need to do is to increase the heating slightly and you would get the warmth that you need without putting a lot of stress on the heating system.

Use a Self-Inflating / Foam Mattress

It would be a good idea to avoid air mattresses. A self-inflating mattress or a foam mattress would be a better choice in terms of getting the desired warmth. Both of these mattresses help to prevent the heat from escaping into the ground. This is what happens when you use an air mattress. The warmth dissipates into the ground and you would feel like the cold is being sucked away from right beneath you. I am sure you wouldn’t want that to happen.

Cover the Piping / Containers with Insulators to Prevent Freezing

Freezing of water in containers and the piping is a common occurrence. The thing that complicates the problems is ignorance of the outcomes. Wrapping the container in insulating material can help prevent the contents of the carrier from freezing. You can use common items such as bubble wrap, old duvets or quilted coats to cover the carriers as they offer adequate insulation.

Change Your Gas Supply

This is something that gets overlooked while planning a caravan trip during the winter season. Not only would you be required to change the gas system, but you would have to switch from butane to propane cylinders. Propane is capable of operating at a higher pressure than butane and works even in temperatures like -40 degrees Centigrade. You would be required to change the regulator as well because a single regulator may not be compatible with both cylinders. It would be a good idea to consult with your local gas supplier and make sure that you abide by all the safety regulations to prevent any fatal outcomes later.

Store Your Caravan Carefully

Just because the vehicle is parked away or kept in storage, it doesn’t make the vehicle immune to the cold. The chances for the development of issues are similar to when the vehicle is being used. Before storing the caravan, make sure that you drain down all the water systems, including commonly overlooked things like toilet flush reservoir water heater and toilet cassette.

Keep the taps in the central open position as this will help in releasing any vent up pressure which is caused by frequent expansion / contraction of water due to temperature differences. Make sure that water is removed completely from the system and proper insulation is provided for the same.

Conduct Routine Checks

It is difficult to predict and estimate all the problems that could occur in the caravan during winter. The best way to keep things under control would be to conduct routine checks and maintenance for the caravan. While inspecting the vehicle, it would be a good idea to check the caravan awning and other accessories for signs of damage. If these things are not repaired in time, then it could turn out to be an expensive affair. Plus, your mood would also be spoiled.

I hope that these tips helped you to have a trouble-free winter caravanning experience. Do share your views and opinions in the comments section below. If you have tips other than the ones mentioned above, then feel free to pen them down as it could help others to overcome similar problems. Happy caravanning!

June 08, 2015 — admin