You have booked your leave, mapped your itinerary, and set your dreams in motion. Now you have to hitch your caravan and hit the open road. But there's more to this than meets the eye.
Caravanning helps you in exploring some breathtaking places. In a caravan, you can visit anywhere you want and enjoy the home comfort away from home. If you're a first-timer for this activity, preparation is fundamental for a smooth road trip. Consider some essential things before setting off, such as:

1. Learn the basics

All the vanners need to learn how to tow. You could be jammed in a tight and dangerous situation if you can't tow.
Hitting the dead-end road is a one-issue you could face, but sometimes the driver can fall ill, and another person will have to drive and tow the van. So it's important to learn the basics and prepare for uncertain situations.

2. Service your vehicles

Book your van or car for servicing to avoid the stress of breakdowns. Check the tyres and the brakes are in good nick, all lights are working. At times faulty brake lights cause accidents.
One safety issue that you often overlook is checking the weight of a van and its contents.
Include tank water, gas, luggage, food, and everything else in the caravan, including people. Exceeding your ATM (Aggregated Tare Mass) will affect warranty insurance and safety.

3. Make bookings in advance

With a newfangled interest in domestic travel, there are existing travelers on the road. So to avoid disappointment pre-book the campsites, especially during school holidays and weekends.
Most national park campsites require online booking and tours also need to be booked well in advance. You don't miss out on the places if you plan where to stay and book ahead.

4. Pack the essentials

While traveling, you may not take the road via major supermarkets, so it's better to stock up your van before leaving. Pack your safety essentials like a spare tyre, fire extinguisher, blankets, first aid kit.
Also advisable to stock cupboards with emergency food during power outages or breakdowns.
Carry good quality chairs for watching sunsets and board games to keep you entertained. Non-slip mats ensure that items stay inside the cupboard and movable sticky hooks for hanging lights and tea towels.
Don't worry about carrying each and everything in different bags. Xtend Outdoors Utility Buddy is a good storage option for keeping your utilities like freshwater hose and fittings, power leads and accessories, and many more utilities all in one place and requires no extra space.
January 12, 2021 — admin