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4 Factors to Consider Tyres For Camping

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Food, water, camping trailer, tow-tug, we know all these things are crucial to planning a camping trip. But, don’t you think something terribly got missed out and that is—tyres.

Tyres are the most important part of a vehicle, not only when you are camping but off camping too. But anyway, they become more important while camping cause there is an equal weight if not less towed on the back of your vehicle.


Here are 4 factors those should be considered for your vehicle’s tyres before you plan a camping trip.

Load rating

Tyres have load ratings and picking the right load-rated tyre is a crucial thing before you set off. Figuring out load rating is simple; you just need to consider not only the weight of the vehicle itself but the total weight that it would be dragging i.e. vehicle plus the trailer. The load ratings differ from weight to weight and that is why it is important to consider the load rating of the tyre based on the cumulative weight.


A common perception that runs through is- bigger tyres the better tyres. The reasons for the adjective ‘better’ would be they provide more strength, traction and would tread in the most treacherous terrains. Well, some of it might be true but not to the extent of the fact that these hyper-aggressive tyres bring along a lot of weight. You are already loaded with the camper weight and all the stuff that is in there and you don’t want the extra weight. Although everything would be pulled smoothly, the only thing that would make it evident is the fuel bill.


Tyres are synonymous with two things; traction and treading. While the latter depends on the former, and so, traction becomes the most important feature of tyre. Good traction is especially needed on wet/slippery and icy roads and you don’t want to save cost on cheap tyres. Tyres come with traction ratings which start from AAA and goes down to C. Choose the best rating for your tyres, once again you would have considered the total load.


The worst seasonal adversity is the heat and unfortunately one of the best times for camping is summers. Tyres have a direct correlation with temperature. The heat of the road could burst your tyre in the worst case and you won’t want that as it is directly related to the safety of your trip. Just like traction ratings, tyres come with tyre ratings too. The rating for caravan tyres range from A to C, A being the best, it is high on heat resistance and cools down faster.



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