Are you planning your first caravanning trip? Do not know which are the right caravan accessories to fit your caravan with? The variety and number of available caravan parts and accessories in the market can frighten even the regular going caravanners. But do not worry.
Before heading out, consider these few essential components required for a comfortable & homely caravan trip.

Caravan Air Conditioners

Anywhere you go, an air conditioner is an important component for your caravan home setup. Do not go for the regular home air conditioners for the caravan as the RV air conditioners are specifically tailored to withstand the movement and vibrations while traveling, and prevent water from entering the vehicle.
Choose between the rooftop and the built-in models. For most caravans and motorhomes, a rooftop air conditioner is the one to go as it facilitates efficient air circulation without taking much of your living space.
Whereas built-in air conditioners are for a pop-top caravan or a caravan with a single skin roof and they can be mounted under a bench or over a cupboard along the wall inside your caravan.

Caravan Awnings

Choosing the right caravan awning is simple, but before selecting consider the purpose of an awning. Do you want a small shaded area outside the door of your caravan? Or want an extended sitting area to get an alfresco vibe with a fine view?
Caravan Awnings work best from creating a small backyard to creating a complete veranda spread across the entire length of a caravan. The caravan awnings are available in various shapes, sizes, and designs. While looking for the right caravan accessories, selecting a caravan awning is quite a strategic decision you will take.
As far as the quality, Xtend Outdoors Awnings are made from durable, weatherproof materials that protect you from extreme weather conditions, be it heat, wind, or rain.

Caravan Annexes

Caravan Annexes can be your in-hand solution if you wonder how you can create extra space or room in your caravan without upgrading the caravan size. Among so many options available, choosing the right type of annex can be quite confusing.
When choosing, understand for what use you want an annex and choose the model according to the requirements. While selecting the annex walls or room, you need to ensure the size of the awning as well. Keep the note of the awning measurements, start measuring it from the center of the left arm to the center of the right arm.
Caravan annexes are available in various materials, sizes, and designs that are available with Xtend Outdoors Annex for every purpose that is easy to carry and attach.

Caravan Hot Water Systems

There is a sigh of relief when we know it is possible to get hot water when out on the road. You can go for a gas-powered water heater system and electric composite systems. An electric water heater system will spare you from carrying gas cylinders when camping.
Options are available whether to choose a tankless water heater or one with the inbuilt water storage tank. To get instant hot water without waiting for long, go for a tankless water heater system like the one with an inbuilt storage tank will take a long time to heat up the stored water.

Fiamma Awnings

Fiamma Awnings can protect you and your family from the weather elements while caravanning in the dense forests or beaches. There is sure to be a Fiamma awning that will suit your caravan among the variety of range, colors available.
Decide whether to go for an awning with a winch or manual opening and will it be able to attach to the caravan. Choose the one that blends and goes with the shape, size, and type of the vehicle.


Selecting the caravan accessories for the first time may exhaust you and will result in the wrong choice. Be calm and go for the expert help if required. With some basic and clear idea of what actually you are looking for, even you on your own can do this.
February 09, 2021 — admin