Dometic Awning

During your caravan awning search, you might have come across Dometic Awnings. Now these awnings are not only of high quality, but also have state of the art design to provide convenient usage to the average caravanner. Every awning type is different in terms of basic structure, and it is important for you to know the correct way to setup the respective awning.

The following is a step by step description of the correct way to set up a Dometic Awning. Remember, this is not a guide to the installation of the awning, rather it refers to setting it up when required. This means that the caravan awning needs to be installed already on the caravan itself.

  • Release the support arms by releasing it from the locking mechanism
  • The clip (placed at the end of the roll / cylinder) needs to be flipped back in the reverse position as the roll would have to move in the opposite direction to release the awning fabric.
  • Pull the awning out slightly so that the entire thing leans forward and both the support arms become free.
  • Once this has been done, you need to carefully pull the support rope (at one end of the rolling cylinder) to bring out the awning completely. Now pull the support arms away from the caravan so that it snaps into place.
  • Roll out the awning all the way till the entire fabric has been spread out properly.
  • With the awning fabric in place, you need to move the tension arms and make sure the clip fits into the respective joint at the end of the cylinder’s head.
  • You would also have to adjust the tension in the support arms and then lock it in place by applying the locking mechanism.
  • Use the lever to release some length of the support arm. This is an important step because the releasing of the support arms helps to prepare it for final placement on the ground.
  • When everything has been put in place with the right tension being maintained for each arm and segment, remove the safety clip (placed at the point of attachment of the support arms and the caravan) and bring the arms down on the ground. During this step, try to keep the pressure in the opposite direction of the caravan because the tension in the arms tends to bring it closer to the caravan, resulting in the caravan awning being rolled up again.
  • Now that the arms are firmly placed on the ground, you can easily adjust the height. If you need to raise the height further, then increase it to the desired level and fix it in place by using the locking mechanism.
  • Once everything has been set up, you will find some length of strap hanging from one end. Just wrap it around the support arm and tie it to prevent it from being an obstacle.

So that completes the steps required to set up the Dometic Awning. Make sure that you get it installed by professionals to avoid running into problems later. This particular awning is durable and is made from high quality materials, so it should serve you for quite a long time, if you can take good care of it.

Do share your experience / opinion about Dometic awnings if you have used one yourself.




January 15, 2015 — admin