Fiamma Zip Awning

Have you ever wanted the perfect combination of an awning and a caravan annexe? The Fiamma Zip Awning offers a great awning with your personal enclosure. Fiamma has come up with this amazing technology which allows the walls to be zipped to the fabric of the awning with the use of special zippers. So before you even know it, the enclosure would be ready in front of you with minimal effort being required for it.

The Fiamma Awning (ZIP) is ideal for motorhomes, caravans and van conversions. In terms of design, the ZIP awning is based on the Fiamma F45 model which serves as the base structure for the accommodation of the zipped side panels. This is a great addition to your RV as the entire enclosure can be set up within minutes.

For installing the ZIP awning correctly and ensuring smooth operation of the entire structure, follow these steps and you should be able to get things done without any hassle.

  • Open out the awning by using the required level and extend it to its full length. Once done, you need to bring out the support arms and place them firmly on the ground.

  • If this is your first time, then go through the instructions manual to get an understanding of the things that need to be attached to the awning to make it a complete enclosure.

  • Fix the two sockets on either end of the awning rail and tighten them with the screws (provided) till they are firmly in place. Make sure you adjust the position so that everything is aligned perfectly.

  • Put the foam columns inside the given space in the side panels. This will give some rigidity to one of the ends / edges of the side panels and it would allow them to be placed properly along with the awning.

  • The poles would have been provided in disassembled parts. Join these parts to form long poles. There are adjusting screws on them so you need to set the height of the poles accordingly.

  • Once the poles are assembled, insert them in the space provided in the side panels. The rods would have a protruding section at one end. This section needs to be inserted in the socket provided at the end of the awning rail (fixed earlier).

  • The other end of the pole has a grooved socket type end which fits between the side panel and the fabric of the awning.

  • If you take a good look at the front part of the awning, there would be a slot for sliding the front panel inside the entire section. So all you need to do here is to take the front panel (the one with the door / windows) and slide it in the slot.

  • Here comes the interesting part. You would have been provided with 2 coiled rings. Take each ring and attach it to the hole / slot provided at the top part of the side panel. This will give you the initial position of the zipper. Just move the zipper up towards the rail and the side panels would have been zipped in to position.

  • Repeat the same for the front panels. The mechanism is the same for both the side panels and the front panel.

  • Now you need to attach the supporting poles at the back end of the enclosure. Once this is done, you need to strap the free end of the side panel at the back to the pole.

  • This clears off the major work that had to be done while installing a ZIP awning. All that remains to be done is to use the pegs to pin down the flap / extra fabric at the end of each panel, to the ground.

The window sections in the panels are provided with grooves where you can fix curtains and make the space even more “homely”. So the next time you plan a road trip with your family or friends, don’t forget to take along the Fiamma Zip Awning for a truly spectacular and relaxing holiday.

January 22, 2015 — admin