Caravanning With Young Kids

Planning a caravan trip with kids? Well, you need not worry. It is not going to turn out into a nightmare; not if you can manage things accordingly. Children are full of energy and you cannot expect them to sit around doing nothing. It is obvious that they will be fidgety and will do their best to get involved in some activity or the other.

So before you make that trip, check out the following tips which should make caravanning with kids quite pleasant and enjoyable.

Tip #1: Book Ahead, Leave Nothing to Chance

Whether you’re camping or staying in hotels, it pays to book ahead. Don’t leave things to chance. It might seem exciting to enjoy life as it comes, but this is best done when you are not accompanied by children. Trust me, it would make your trip hassle free if you just take the time to plan and book things well in advance.

Tip #2: Be Prepared for the Climate

By dressing children appropriately as per the climate, they will remain happier in the new environment and you will have one less hassle to worry about. Make sure you go shopping for the right gear before embarking on your road trip.

Tip #3: Get Rid of Bugs

Bugs can be quite irritating and they will spoil the mood. Plus, they might cause illness in the children. It is important that you carry bug repellents with you so that the pesky insects can be kept at bay. Maintaining proper hygiene is essential as it will keep the kids (and you) from getting sick on the trip.

Tip #4: Keep Them Entertained

There is nothing worse than a bored child. Make sure you have adequate entertainment with you in the caravan so that they may be kept busy in some activity or the other. The best way to keep them engrossed is to get a TV connection for the caravan. You can also plan some activities, including board games, that you can play with the kids on the trip. The important thing here is to keep the activities going.

Tip #5: Answer the Questions

Although it may seem pretty irritating to you, it is important that you remain patient and answer the questions that the kids ask. They are obviously inquisitive and the experience of the road trip will be new for them. Be prepared to be bombarded with a number of questions. Ignoring them or reacting with anger will not help you to control the situation. Juts answer them and get it over with.

Tip #6: Keep Medicines Handy

Make sure that you have all the required medicines with you. Apart from prescribed medications, you need to keep basic medicines that will help you treat common illnesses such as fever and cold. This will also help you buy some time in case the illness becomes severe and the nearest healthcare facility is miles away from your position.

Tip #7: Introduce Them to Travel Journals

Travel journals are great for keeping the kids busy and also for introducing them to journal writing. If this is their first road trip, then a travel journal will help them to record their experiences. Just imagine the nostalgia that the kids will experience when they are all grown up and they check out the journal written by them.

Tip #8: Give Them a Camera

Now this is a really interesting way to keep the kids busy. Give them a camera or a smartphone and let them click pictures whenever they want. Let it be their personal album. You never know when a child might surprise you by getting a perfectly timed photo that you will definitely cherish for a long time.

Tip #9: Get a Full Sized Caravan Awning

Travelling with kids often requires additional accessories such as full sized caravan awnings to accommodate everyone. A full sized caravan awning will not only offer adequate homely comfort, but it will make it easier for the kids to remain comfortable with their very own personal space.

Tip #10: Let Them Rest Comfortably

An agitated kid will make things very frustrating for you. Make sure that the kids get sufficient sleep. When they are well rested, they will be happier and at ease with the new environment. Don’t make it a compulsion for the kids to sleep in their respective beds. Give them the freedom to lie down on the couch or the bean bag and get some rest.

April 12, 2016 — admin