Cleaning Tips for CaravansSummer is an awesome season for hitting the roads and enjoying some quality time with your family. If you are planning a road trip in your caravan, then you will have some of the best times in your life and that too in comfort. This is the benefit of having your very own caravan. You can take it out whenever you want and customize it to get homely comfort on the road.

But a caravan needs proper maintenance and care in order to ensure that its performance is maintained throughout. Now that the summer season is reaching its end, you need to make sure that your caravan is absolutely clean and prepared for future rides.

Check out these important cleaning tips which should help you to get the job done easily.

Use the Best Cleaning Solutions / Detergents

Needless to say, using the best cleaning solutions and detergents will get the best results for your caravan. It will be clean and sparkling in no time at all. With the saved time, you can inspect every nook and cranny for possible faults.

Wash From the Top

More than the sides, it is the roof that takes a lot of beating during the summer. Even if the caravan has been standing for a long time, the roof will have a lot of debris and accumulated dirt that needs to be cleaned before focusing on the other sections of the caravan. It is a good idea to clean the roof first and then work your way down. This also prevents washed areas being covered in dirty run-offs.

Be Careful While Cleaning the Windows

Your caravan is similar to your home, which means you will want streak free windows. Clean it carefully and make sure to look in the edges as well as the rubber seal to remove dirt from hard to reach places. Clean windows not only make the caravan look better, but it also ensures longer performance.

High Pressure Cleaners Should Be Given a Miss

High pressure cleaners will probably lead to water getting into tiny gaps and weak seals. You wouldn’t want that to happen, especially as summer is about to recede and drying out in the air would take a longer time. It is best to give it a miss. Plus, the pressure might damage the accessories.

Clean the Interiors and Accessories as Well

The caravan isn’t just important from the outside. You need to clean the interior and the accessories thoroughly for prolonged performance. Caravan awnings and annexes need to be cleaned with care, especially the fabrics, because these are considerable investments which you wouldn’t want damaged before their expected expiry. Check out this really useful blog on cleaning caravan awnings.

March 18, 2016 — admin