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Is Your Caravan Awning Damaged in a Storm? Here is What You Need to Do!

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Caravan Awning Damaged in a Storm

Caravan awnings are great for extending your personal living space when you go on road trips in caravans. But what if you caravan awning gets damaged during the trip due to bad weather, specifically a bad storm? Most people are not aware of the possible recourses that are available in this situation. It is easy for people to just get it repaired at the nearest repair center. But is this the only recourse?

Investing in a caravan awning is not an easy thing to manage. More than often the investment takes a sizable chunk out of the funds of the buyers. So it becomes quintessential to protect this personal space. Periodic maintenance and regular checks are important to ensure prolonged usage of this caravan accessory. But at times, the elements that cause damage are beyond our control, such as storms, sudden bad weather, etc.

Whenever you face a situation where your caravan’s awning is damaged due to natural causes like storms, use any of the following recourses to minimize the financial impact of the damage.

  • Remove the awning as soon as you detect the damages that have been inflicted on it due to the storm. Don’t just remove the fabric, but if possible, remove the entire structure and store it carefully to avoid any further damage from being inflicted on it.
  • The next thing that you need to do is to get in touch with your insurance provider to place your claim for either replacing the awning or getting the necessary repairs done on it. (A lot of policies tend to provide cover against awning damage. It is best if you review the policy details carefully, especially the fine print, before you decide to take up that particular insurance cover for your caravan).
  • It is important that you inform the insurance provider every time you change your awning because certain insurance companies will only provide cover for specific models. If your particular caravan awning model is not enlisted in their policy considerations, then you would not be able to get insurance cover for your awning.
  • Be sure to check the limits in place (if any) for the caravan awning that may have been implemented by the insurance company. At times, the cover may not be enough to provide the required benefits if the awning gets damaged.

Following these suggestions could prevent a big hole from being burnt in your pocket. Financial loss is inevitable, but with the use of these suggestions, you can definitely minimize the expenses that are required for repairing or replacing the caravan awning. Timely intervention and periodic maintenance are the key to ensuring prolonged operational life for these caravan accessories.

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