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How to Install an Anti-Flap Kit onto your Awning?

November 27th, 2020 in Tips by

From your packed schedule throughout the year, it is essential to take some time out to spend some quality evenings with your friends and family.

You cannot predict all the mishappenings that may occur, but you can travel with the necessary solution in your hand.

Caravan awnings are one of the best options to extend your caravan area. It provides shade from the scorching sun and protects you from heavy rainfall.

But while camping, when the wind whips up, and you are left looking for ways to stop your awnings from flapping around, you cannot go past the Anti-flap kit.

Anti-Flap Kit - Xtend Outdoors

Learn how to install the kit onto your caravan awning to be sturdy during those windy days.

  1. You will have to attach the brackets to your caravan and drill the holes onto your awning in the first step.
  2. It is more easily done than said. Simply go in 20 millimeters from your canvas and 20 millimeters down from your canvas.
  3. The anti-flap bar and curved rafter comprise a clip on one end, whereas a pin is on the other.
  4. The clip attaches to the bracket installed on your caravan, while the pin is tucked into the hole on your awning.
  5. Fitting the kit is simple. The bar comes in two parts, for easy storage. Slide them together, follow the above step, and lock the bar together to keep it firm and tight.
  6. Fitting the curved roof rafter is another step, follow the same steps as above then tighten the knob to hold on the canvas from flapping.
  7. For blocking the sun’s rays and keeping your privacy, you can slide the annex walls into the anti-flap bar.

With the best product comes the best advantage. You do not need to be concerned about canvas flapping in the wind, nor pooling of water during rain if you have anti-flap kits by your side. Whether you are visiting a campsite or entirely off the area, you can explore with ecstasy and delight.


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