How to Recover Your Camper by Backing Up?

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While you are offroading, the chances are huge you get stuck in a muddy swamp if you are lucky it would just be mud. Anyway, whatever it is, getting your camper stuck would be the worst thing you would expect to happen. Recovering your camper from the damp mud could be a heck of a task even if you move forward with all that revving, so think what would you do if there is no space to move forward? Now, all that is left is, backing up!

Well, you can just leave that on chance and hope it doesn’t happen, and all you could do is skill up on how to recover your camper by backing it up.

Recovery points and Unhitching

The recovery points in most of the campers are not more than bike rack mounts, that means you may lose the tug-of-war if they come off. Many campers have these so-called recovery points welded to the weak part of the camper, making it more susceptible for recovery fail. Secondly, these ‘rated’ recovery points are good to recover the camper alone, meaning if they are unhitched from your 4WD.

What exactly to do?

When you plan to skull drag the camper backwards, you can’t absolutely rely on the jockey wheel. You should use the drawbar instead. Now, attach an equalizer strap to the rear recovery points of the camper. For better control, you can use an electric winch

If the situation is bad like you are stuck in a muddier spot which might give in your recovery effort, you should use traction boards. These boards with heavy grooving provide a hard base for the tires of the camper to come out easily. In case you decide to snatch recover the camper with your 4WD, do not back it up, as the reverse gear of the vehicle is not designed to be that heavy-duty as compared the forward ones.

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