Smart Projector

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The Xtend Outdoors Smart Projector is a durable yet sophisticated projector, packed full of features and adding a bit of luxury to your camping trips away.
Offering Wifi and Bluetooth connections as well as having Netflix and Youtube pre loaded, you can enjoy watching any of your TV favourites from the comfort of your own camp.
The Smart Projector can connect to multiple devices such as Android and Iphone, and also offers screen mirroring through Airplay and Mirracast.
No need to pack speakers, this projector has an inbuilt speaker allowing you to listen whilst anywhere. With a HDMI port and USB slot, you can pre-load any pictures, videos, movies or even documents onto your USB or connect your computer to the projector and share your media on a 100" screen.
To top it off, there is a built-in track-pad for ease of controls along with a remote. But let's face it, what's the chances the remote may go walk-a-bouts amongst the camping baggage anyhow...
You won't have to worry about having power at your camp, as it has a rechargeable battery which will keep you entertained for up to 2 hours.
Enjoy a little luxury and outshine your camping neighbours. The Xtend Outdoors Smart Projector has it all!