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Simple Pet Care Tips for a Pet Friendly Caravan Holiday

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Pet Care Tips on Caravan Holiday

Caravanning is fun, there is no doubt about that! But what makes it even more interesting is when you bring along your pets, specifically your dog. You wouldn’t want to leave behind your four-legged companion while you enjoy your road trip. But as soon as you think about a caravan holiday with pets, you realize that it may take quite a lot of efforts to take care of the pet and also ensure that the caravan remains clean.

Bringing along your pet might not be a daunting task after all. You only need to make sure that you have all the required resources with you. Here are some simple yet effective pet care tips that will make your road trip less tedious.

Things You Need

Things You Need for Pet

  • Pet Food
  • Food and water bowls
  • Can opener for tinned canine food products
  • Documents indicating proof of vaccination and other details.
  • Pet grooming equipment
  • Toys (Yes you read that correctly. Pets need to pass the time also.)
  • Collar and leash
  • Medication for the pet
  • Plastic bags or scooper for keeping the area clean. (don’t be grossed out. It’s natural!)

Things to Check Before You Leave

Things to Check Before You Leave

  • Make sure that the registration details of your dog are updated.
  • Get the pet vaccinated if you have not done it already.
  • Attach a tag to the pet’s collar and write the dog’s name and provide your contact details. In case the pet goes astray, it would be easy to trace him.
  • Check whether you have all the required equipment for transporting the pet. You could get fancy kennels or cages to keep the pet in a safe enclosure and avoid getting the place dirty.

Things to Check While Travelling

Things to Check While Travelling

  • Make sure you take along enough water for your pet(s). You would not want them to get excessively thirsty.
  • Dogs can pretty much lie around inside the caravan. So they are not a problem. However, if you have cats or birds, then it is advisable to cover their cage with a blanket or cloth. This should help them to remain calm throughout the journey. Dogs can get a bit stressed so make sure you understand the signs and calm them.
  • Ensure the maintenance of proper environment for the pets. Too hot or too cold an environment could be a problem for the pet.
  • The most important part of travelling with pets is that you need to take appropriate breaks to take out the pet for attending to nature’s call and to get a chance to flex its muscles.

Things to Take Care During Your Stay at a Caravan Park

Take Care at a Caravan Park

  • Before you even plan ahead for managing your pets at the caravan park, make sure you call in advance and find out whether the park allows pets. Even if they allow pets, you need to understand the conditions laid down for pets at the park. Most parks require the pets be kept on leash at all times and they are not permitted to enter the cabins. So come prepared.
  • Never allow the pet to dominate the place and keep it away from other pets and guests. You wouldn’t want it to become a nuisance.
  • Keep your pet under control and within your sight at all times.

With a little care and some preparations, you and your pets can have the time of your lives on a really enjoyable caravan holiday. Follow these simple tips and save yourself from running into problems during the road trip.

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