The Easy Way to Remove Decals from RV

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When we paste decals on our RVs, we seldom realize it’s gonna be a pain when we will rip them off. Pulling them straight out may not be a very good idea. You might leave some residual adhesive there on your RV’s exterior which is very difficult to wipe off or you might not get the decal off neat.

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Just like there is a seamless process of pasting a decal which ensures no bubbles pop in the decal and it spreads evenly on your RV exterior, there is a smooth procedure to take them off as well.

Warm it up

Warming a decal up is the first thing to do if you want to get it off easily. Warming it up makes the changes at the molecular level which lets it easily peel off. You could warm the decal up by using a hairdryer, steamer, a heat gun, etc. If you do not have any of the above equipment, you could simply park your RV under direct sunlight. The sunlight would also heat it up and make it easy to peel off.

Peel it off

Once you have heated it up well, it is time to start removing it. Your fingernails would do, yet we recommend a scalpel-like tool, razor, even a credit card would do. Make sure you do not scratch the RV surface. Although, how smoothly the decal would peel off would depend on the size of the decals, how old it is, and the temperature of the air it has been warmed to.

Left-over Adhesive

After you remove the decal, there would be a sticky left-over adhesive on your RV surface. To get it off you would need gloves and paper towels. There are several adhesive removers available on the market.


Oxidation is a common thing when you remove a decal. Even after getting rid of the left-over adhesive, some marks could be seen. These marks are oxidation discoloring of the area around the decal. To remove oxidation, you need oxidation removers which are available on the market. Use a 100% terry cotton towel with oxidation removers to rub the oxidation marks on the surface. Don’t let the oxidation remover dry on the surface, quickly rub it with the terry cotton towel.

Just follow these simple steps and your RV would look as good as a new one. To know more about such amazing ideas for your camper trailer or RV, keep looking out for our blogs section.

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