Your Guide to Fall Camping

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Do you love camping in the fall? People keep summers for camping while they spend time relaxing indoors during fall. Well, if you are an adventurous person and enjoy gazing at the beautiful colours of nature, then fall camping is a perfect idea for you! You may feel a little colder at night, but you would love to breathe in the clear air.

Are you ready for camping in the fall? Then, bundle up and go ahead!

Your Guide to Fall Camping

What do you need to pack for fall camping gear?

Well, if you had been camping regularly, then you might be aware of the camping gear you need, but the situation is slightly different in fall. The weather can change from warm to sunny and cold to rainy in just a day. You need to have a different approach when you are to go camping in the fall. Let’s look at what all you would need to pack for a fall camping gear:

A warm sleeping bag and pad keeps you warm in your tent during a cold fall night. You can’t even imagine attempting to sleep on the ground on a fall night as it is freezing. It is crucial to invest in a high-quality sleep system that can keep you warm and cosy during fall camping.

When it comes to cooking gear, it will give you a sigh of relief as you won’t need to change everything. The difference is, you will have to use a campfire instead of a camp stove in fall camping with a similar system as the necessary gear won’t change much.

A first aid kit is essential for campers whether you go in summer or fall. It would help if you made some extra additions in your first aid kit that you already have. Do include hand and foot warmers along with emergency blankets. Supposedly, the temperature drops too low; you can put on these extra warmers to keep yourself warm.

Bug spray and sunscreen are some essentials that you should carry when you are going on a camping trip. However, you won’t see mosquitoes and bugs during the fall. But you should be careful about the ticks; these are parasites that attach themselves on the skin of a terrestrial vertebrate and sucks all the blood. These are nasty critters that are active during both day and night. You can attach mesh screens such as Penta thirty to your awnings to save yourself from mosquitoes as they stick to these mesh screens and don’t come around you.

Offside Kitchen Blind or Camper Kitchen Awning is essential for the fall camping as the weather is damp and you may encounter rain on your trip. Begin with setting up a tarp or two to keep your cooking area dry.

Clothing Essentials You Would Need for a Fall Camping

Layering is the best word to describe the essence of fall clothing, and you will play with these layers on your fall camping trip. Here are some clothing essentials that you would need:

  • Merino Wool Socks

Cushion wool socks are a must when your toes feel chilly. It keeps you cosy and comfortable on a freezing fall night.

When it comes to prepping up for the base layer, merino wool would be best for you as it doesn’t irritate your skin and makes your feet feel baby soft. Merino wool doesn’t suffocate your skin and regulates the air; so, choosing a thin layer of merino wool would be apt for a fall camping.

  • Bottom/Pants

Hiking pants are another clothing essential that you would surely require on a camping trip. These don’t weigh you down, but are sturdy and make you comfortable.

Fleece pants are the best to keep warm on chilly days. It makes you feel comfortable.

  • Wool Sweater

You can’t forget a wool sweater when you are up for a fall camping trip. These are clean and cosy; you can reserve it for sleep at night.

  • Rain Jacket and Waterproof Boots

As you go on a fall camping trip, you may encounter some rain as the weather pattern is not fixed and can change in a day. A rain jacket is a must to keep yourself dry.

Waterproof boots and camp shoes are necessary to walk through the slippery trails comfortably.

  • You may also need to throw in a puffy layer in your rucksack to use it in your tent and sleep comfortably.
  • Wool Hats, Gloves

Wool hats and gloves are essential to endure those zero temperatures to keep yourself snug.

Fall camping comes with its perks, but going well prepared doesn’t only save you from uncertainties, but it also adds up to your comfort. Fall camping is the best way to explore, unwind, connect with nature, and enjoy the scenic beauty altogether. If you haven’t gone for a camping trip, plan for one, we will help you out with the camping essentials. Contact us-


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