4 Tips to Fully Enjoy a Caravan Show

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We get all excited when there is a caravan show around. Most of us either pack it all up for the show at the last hour or do not give much head to it. We attend the show, come back and realize later, it could have been more fun.

Well, if you have had this feeling lately, you are probably falling short of a sound plan, need to deploy a little more common sense, and you have done a little less digging on the information.

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Here are 4 tips to follow, to fully enjoy a caravan show.

Plan it ahead

Don’t jump the gun, take time to plan out your trip. Ponder on questions such as the budget of the trip, what would be the headcount, are you looking something specific on the show? Buy your tickets in advance, they are usually cheaper than what you would be paying at the gates.

Pick odd days

Caravan shows span over a week or less, but most caravan shows wrap up in 3 days. Usually, you would see a huge influx on the opening day of a show and a similar or more volume on the last day. If it is a weekend expect a buzzing crowd. Pick weekdays and the days that fall in the middle of the show spell.

Know everything beforehand

Do thorough research about the exhibition/show to know which dealers are participating. If you have already decided to buy a product, you can still research on other manufacturers as well. Compare the prices, specs and features take a look at them during the show.


Inquire as much as possible about the product you are interested in. This will help you decide which product to buy. Get all the details from the exhibitors and make it a planned purchase.

Planning ahead, picking the right day and time, a little bit of research and inquiring thoroughly would surely make your trip to the caravan show a delightful experience.

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