5 Amazing Off Road Towing Tips

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There is nothing more exciting than deviating from the normal course, making life more adventurous. Detours should be as much part of life as the straight ways. Well, that is perfectly right for life in general as well as the other stuff we do. One such thing is camping. To keep the camping spirit up and alive, at times it is important to add some thrill and make it an escapade. Camping on the plain road always (irrespective of the places you go) can become so boring beyond a point that you might think of quitting it. The best way to do it is going offroad! But there are some vital things that need to be kept in mind before hitting the treacherous terrain and here they are:

Off Road towing Tips - Xtend Outdoors


Plain roads intimidate to speed up, in fact, they are made to run. On the flip side on a rough topography, it is more important to be steadier than speedy. Off roads are bumpy as there are rocks of all shape and sizes that have a great potential to damage your tyres and suspension.

Hairpin Bend

There is a scientific equation between a turn and the length of the vehicle: longer the vehicle, harder to turn. The situation worsens when the degree of the turn is less than 90 degrees and you are on a rough road. To turn on a hairpin bend, make sure you have a longer arch creating more space to turn the camper smoothly.


You are towing a massive coach coupled to your caravan on a rough terrain and shifting gears is not an option on an uphill road as you would lose a great momentum. So, it becomes very important to drive in the right gear. Stick to one gear is the best thing to do.

Dead End

Off roads are not planned and that is why they are incongruous. Meeting with a dead end could be one such oddity you may encounter. Well, the solution is simple- avoid such routes by checking a suspecting dead end on foot. You don’t want to back an 18 feet camper!

Your Vehicle

Do not overestimate the capabilities of your vehicle, you might end up in a trench or hit hard on the belly of your camper. Make a note of dimensions of your vehicle like- ground clearance, width, length, weight etc before taking a brave chance that may turn out to be stupid.

Don’t be deterred from taking an off road camping trip if you just heard someone broke down bad while on it. Instead, keep the above tips in mind and set an example of an astonishing off road outing for others to pursue.

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