6 Tips for Christmas Camping

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As an Aussie you must be knowing going camping on Christmas is no less than a tradition. Well, if you don’t, let us tell you it is almost a tradition. This fact gives it a term—Christmas Camping, but “Christmas Camping” is challenging. 

Magic tree on Christmas

You might not get a campsite you are looking for and heading bush is not a great idea. How could you make a camping trip on Christmas awesome then?

Well, we are happy to share 6 incredible Christmas camping tips that would make your Christmas worth. 

Do your research

Start planning a few weeks in advance for your Christmas camping trip. Make a checklist of everything you need to carry along; a shopping list might precede this checklist. 

Book in advance

Obviously! Christmas vacation fills up every place and leaving things to the last minute is never a good idea. If a campsite requires you to book in advance, book as far in advance as possible.

Head a little further

You may have your spot, you arrived right there in time, but you are feeling a little cramped up. You might be needing some more adventure then. Avoid crowds and head a little further to access places off the beaten track. 

Make Friends

Once again remember its Christmas time. You don’t have to miss your neighbours over a camping trip on Christmas, make friends with fellow campers as it shouldn’t be hard to strike up a conversation.

Get wet

Australia lies in the southern hemisphere and that makes Christmas a summer festival. If you are planning a Christmas camping trip at a beach, river, stream or a lake nothing is quite like it. Pack snorkels, jet skis, boats, fishing rods, surfboards whichever is apt for the location. 

It’s Christmas

You don’t have to pass up the Christmas meal if you are camping on a Christmas day. With your camp oven, you could cook something Christmassy. Look out for any fire bans around, you don’t want to start a fire. 

 Well, the most important thing on a Christmas camping trip is to stay safe cause of the obvious hazards of the season. Do not drink and driver to get extra merrier, drive to the conditions and do not push your limits, take breaks at regular intervals to avoid fatigue which are the main reasons for road accidents. 

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