Best Places in Australia to Visit in Autumn

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When you wish to experience the trees shedding leaves,

  • green leaves convert into bright hues of red, orange, gold.
  • sparkling and shimmering sunshine on the roads,
  • mesmerizing cool breeze, or
  • blooming luscious fruits,
  • you need not go anywhere else in the world.

The autumn scene in Australia is as beautiful as in other countries, maybe a little more special.

Wondering where in Australia is it possible? Here’s a line of alluring places that bloom their best during autumn.

Best Places in Australia - Xtend Outdoors

Autumn in Australia

Places to Visit

Golden Valley Tree Park, Balingup, WA

Set amidst the amazing hills of Balingup, Golden Valley Tree Park is a sixty hectares arboretum in Western Australia. The collection of trees started hundreds of years ago, and today it holds thousands of diversified Australian native trees.

A park is a great place for relaxing under the gazebo, leaf watching, walking around the orange autumn leaves, or having a picnic with some wine and snacks. You can take along the Xtend Outdoors Wine Glass Buddy for ensuring your glasses are safe while you travel and have some fun time over there. You could even take a guided walk at the park for knowing more about the historical changes of this special place.

Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens, Sherbrooke VIC

One of the most delightful Australian gardens, Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens has got you covered not only in spring with cherry blossoms and azaleas but with bright red, orange leaves in autumn and every other season. You can explore the garden by strolling down to the linking pathways with your dog on a leash, have a picnic by the lake in the boathouse, sit under a gazebo surrounded by autumn foliage.

Mountain Field National Park, Tas

Autumn is the perfect time for experiencing this one of the biggest parks in Tasmania in its boldest colors. Not only the foliage, but you would also see the variety and plenty of vegetation as well as wildlife. You might even spot some endangered species, too, while taking a walk through large fern forests. The park has diverse landscapes and waterfalls to discover, Russel Falls, being famous amongst all.

Alpine High Country, VIC

Alpine High Country is the synonym of autumn as it is truly a wonderful place to visit. The place even runs a grand autumn festival for celebrating the season while experiencing the cool air, spectacular sceneries and ends with a parade and massive gala.

Heathcote, VIC

If you wish to grab an amazing view of autumn, nothing better than the Valley of Liquidambers can do it. Liquidambars are a type of tree that turns colorful in the autumn season. The spot is great for a picnic, or you can even stroll across the swinging bridge to the main street. Apart from this, Heathcote is home to many more natural wonders like Pink Cliffs Reserve, Viewing Rock, Devil’s Cave, Dargile Reserve, etc.

Cloudehill, Olinda, VIC

Do you know what makes this place autumn special? The entire autumn garden. As the weather cools, Cloudehill’s autumn garden is perfect for watching the dramatic autumn foliage, sunset hues, and enchanting plants. It overflows with a wide variety of plants and comprises numerous gardens with magnificent sculptures for every season.

Moidart, Bowral, NSW

Set on the unique landscape of Southern Highlands, the garden at Moidart, Bowral, holds five acres of rare plant species. It features the deciduous trees that display the dazzling and colorful vibe of autumn, making the garden worth visiting, especially during the autumn season. There’s a sunken rose garden at the east of the house, followed by leisurely walks to the terraces and a large lawn leading to a woodland garden in the west. Moidart also has a wholesale nursery consisting of quaint and rare plants.


Australia’s autumn is worth feeling and experiencing. The season delivers beautiful constituents that make these places bloom and burst with beauty for capturing your heart.

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