With the emerging technology, the whole scenario of caravanning has been revolutionized. Caravanning is not only limited to spending some time and traveling in a caravan these days. It is more about having fun and hassle-free camping trips out in the bush. Wondering what the traditional caravanning holidays looked like?

What are Traditional Caravanning Holidays?

By default, caravanning is synced with having certain variations in creature comforts. But at the same time is a great way of de-stressing from the hustle-bustle of everyday lives and having a chilled-out time with your friends and family.
But many activities like hitching & placing your caravan to the right spot, leveling the caravan at the right position, reversing, pitching a tent at the campsite for some shade require much effort as everything is done manually. And if the campsite is compact and not spacious enough, then it might take away all the relaxation and comfort you imagined at camping.
This isn't the scene now. You must be aware of how with the help of technology, caravans have emerged. Just like that, traditional caravanning is evolved into the next generation caravanning with a helping hand of technology.

What is Next Generation Caravanning?

Next-generation caravanning does not mean your caravan will magically open up and position on its own within a second. But when equipped with modern technology, it upgrades your overall camping experience. It saves your time struggling with the arrangements, and instead, enjoy having fun while you're away.
Caravans installed with modern technology assortments have become the vogue and are believed to make the trip hassle-free. Let's look at what those modern assortments are.

Motor Movers

We know maneuvering your caravan from one place to another is stressful, but you will be surprised how these kits can convert maneuvering into a fun activity. Fit this motor mover for your caravan. The kit comes with remote control and enables positioning your caravan to the right position by pressing only a few buttons.

Solar Panels

Ensure keeping your caravan batteries charged, as the discharged batteries could leave you stranded. While camping, it isn't easy to find the external power supply source, but it is possible to take the solution along with you in the form of caravan solar panels. These would provide free electricity to the caravan and keep the batteries charged all time, even if you are camping during the winters!

Inflatable Awnings & Annexes

Wondering if it is possible to increase the living space at the campsite? Yes, it is. Awnings and Annexes are a great and cost-effective way of doing so. But traditionally, it took time to assemble the parts, adjusting the poles of awnings and annexes. Now, with Inflatable Awnings and Annexes, it could happen in the blink of an eye with an air pump. Choose the one that suits your caravan setup from the wide variety available at Xtend Outdoors Inflatable Awnings and Inflatable Annexes.
They are easy to assemble, lighter, sturdier, portable, and made from durable materials. You must have never imagined that, right?

Air Conditioning

After traveling in the harsh Australian sun, the temperature inside the caravan often becomes too hot to handle, leaving you all difficult to survive inside the caravan. You cannot control the weather, but you can control the temperature of the caravan with modern air conditioning units. These units are compact, lightweight and can change the entire atmosphere of the caravan with a click.


Aussies prefer caravanning for satisfying the unquenchable thirst of relaxing in nature. Relaxation often disappears because of the unavailability of technology. Not only these larger advancements but there are smaller things like a portable shower unit, and safety equipment such as fire extinguishers have also developed for easing their caravanning experience.
April 25, 2021 — admin