Caravan snaking is dangerous that can lead to serious accidents or disruption. Regular caravanners might be aware of it. But if you are new and thinking what it is, then while towing, when the caravan destabilizes and starts swaying from side to side (like a dreaded snake) is known as caravan snaking.
If not realized at the moment, the swaying motions of the caravan become more prominent, that it starts dragging the tow car. After which, it becomes difficult for the driver to control. The situation is so terrifying that it is sure to blow the mind, moisten the palms and dry the throat of even an experienced caravanner.
How To Avoid Caravan Snaking
When talking about caravan snaking, the most commonly asked questions are why is my caravan snaking, how to avoid and prevent caravan snaking. So, let us understand each of them.

Why do Caravans Snake?

While driving, when the caravans snake, you might feel the sudden loss of control over the caravan or feel like the tow car and the caravan are not moving in sync. Well, this happens due to many factors. Like due to an abrupt change of direction, driving at high speeds, strong crosswinds, blown-out tyres, being overtaken by the larger vehicles on the road, poor towing, or because of the overloaded caravan.
These factors cause the caravan to snake. Which further causes major disruption to others on the road and results in severe accidents.

How to Avoid Caravan Snaking?

  • For avoiding caravan snaking incidents, you need to fit some extras like:
    An anti-snaking electronic stabilizer as a safety device to your caravan: This caravan safety device comes with modern technology that automatically detects even a slight snaking motion and applies the caravan breaks.
  • Tyron bands: These lightweight bands are attached to the wheel of the car or caravan to avoid snaking in case of tyre blow-outs. The bands hold the wheel and tyre together, allows the tyre to run flat, and helps the driver to retain the lost control.
  • Towing mirrors: The force of large vehicles coming in speed from behind the caravan causes crosswinds, due to which the caravan starts swaying. By fitting towing mirrors to the vehicle, you can easily see the view behind your caravan. These will help you to prepare for the coming force and move accordingly.

What can be Done to Prevent Caravan Snaking?


Caravan snaking is troublesome and can ruin the trip as things get out of control. But, with the right preparation, the right equipment, the right preventive measures, and sensible driving, you can travel without any worries and have an uncomplicated and wonderful trip.
June 22, 2021 — admin