Traveling in a camper trailer/caravan is so much fun in the great outdoors of Australia. But it could be overwhelming due to the sudden surprises that you might get in the form of vehicle failures. Which could leave you stranded and drift you apart from the relaxing trip you were excited for.
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Overheated Bearings

Not a problem to worry about, as it is a common trailer issue. Bearings are the elements that are responsible for a smooth towing ride. And overheating of the bearings could be due to various reasons like improper lubrication, mechanical causes, and housing-related issues.
In lubrication, over time, the grease or oil dissipates because of heat and leakage, which weakens the steel and leads to corrosion of steel. And when under load, it overheats and collapses. Thus, grinding the movement of the wheel. If the bearings are making noise, this is the indicator of overheating.
To avoid this, fill the bearings with oil at recommended levels. Or replace the bearings once a year. Make sure to carry a kit with all the right tools for emergencies. It would be helpful if you try it once before heading out.

Incorrect Tyre Pressure

While prepping up for the trip, the tyres are often overlooked, which are the major support system of the trailers. Due to the uneven pressure, the tyres lose their stability. They cannot handle the trailer weight that makes them fall apart, leading to accidents or damage before than expected. If the tires are squealing, it is a sign of low pressure.
To avoid this, use good quality tyres and a tire gauge to measure the tyre pressure of both the trailer and the tow vehicle before heading out.


When the trailer or trailer parts are exposed to moisture and oxygen, the steel or metal components are likely to get rusted. It further weakens as well as decreases the span of the parts and ultimately leads to failures. Rust accumulates inside out, which sometimes can be hard to spot.
To prevent your trailer from rust attack, make sure to clean it thoroughly after every use. Ensure cleaning the caravan, accessories with the Xtend Outdoors Cleaning Products that are specially for the purpose. And clean if you are particularly traveling to the coastal areas, as the salt particles easily deteriorate the surfaces.

Trailer Parts Hanging Loose

No matter the type of trailer, the trailer undergoes many bumps on the road, especially when you are driving off-road. The unlevelled terrains cause damage to the gears and parts that are fixed underneath the chassis. Some of them are water tanks, battery boxes, pipes, and even wiring connections.
Fix up the battery boxes so that they do not hang and clash with the surface. Ensure everything is topped up before heading out, and carry the repairing kit to avoid anything on the road.


Do you know what your trailer is lacking, which has resulted in these failures? Regular Maintenance. It is important to keep a check on the trailer during regular intervals to avoid any problem that leads to dysfunction.
May 10, 2021 — admin