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Did You Know About These Amazing Caravan And Camping Hacks?

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Caravan And Camping Hacks

Caravan trips can be fun and full of new experiences. These trips are best undertaken in groups comprising friends and family members. But you need to make a lot of preparations to ensure that the journey is comfortable. Obviously it would not be possible for you to take everything that you require. This is why we have come up with a list of amazing caravan and camping hacks to help you in planning a comfortable trip.

Burn Sage for Repelling Bugs Around the Campsite

Burn Sage for Repelling Bugs

You don’t have to be bugged by those pesky insects any more. Just make a small bundle of sage leaves and burn it. The smoke should drive away the bugs and insects in your campsite. This is a natural deterrent so you need not worry about any ill effects.

Get More Light With Water and a Large Bottle

Light With Water and a Large Bottle

Don’t have enough light in your annexe or tent? Don’t worry. Just use a large bottle (preferably a 2 litre milk can), fill it with water, and point a light source (such as torch or lamps) in its direction. The light source should be in contact with the surface of the bottle (as shown in the image above) for the light to spread through the water and enhance the luminescence.

Keep Power Connections Away From Damp Grounds

Power Connections Away From Damp Grounds

Camp sites usually have powered connections available for use. But you need to establish connection using cables and connectors. When you place these cables on damp ground, the risk of short circuits increases. To avoid any disruptions, just use a bucket and either place the cable on top of the bucket (like shown above) or you may drill two holes (opposite to each other), and pass the cables through the holes to connect them. This would keep the junction above the ground.

Use Soap Shavings for Single Use

Soap Shavings for Single Use

Hygiene is an important aspect of any outdoor trip that you undertake. Liquid soaps are great, but you cannot take a lot and you might have to keep shifting the container to make it available for everyone. A better solution is to use soap shavings and keep them in waterproof containers. These shavings offer one-time use and you won’t have to use another wet soap bar that has already been used by someone.

DIY Speakers for Portable Entertainment

DIY Speakers for Portable Entertainment

Did you know that it takes just two large foam / plastic ups and a cardboard tube to create awesome portable DIY speakers. Cut similar sized holes in the cups. The holes should be of the diameter of the tube. Insert the cups on either end of the tube while ensuring a tight fit. Now make a slit in the tube on the upward facing portion of the tube to let the mobile device fit in.

If you have devices such as tablets that have a wider base, you can use a different tube for that. Place the device in the slot and play your favourite music. The sound will be amplified and you can enjoy your favourite songs without having to worry about powered speakers or amplification.

Add LED Lights for Cost Effective Lighting in Caravan Awnings and Annexes

Cost Effective Lighting in Caravan

Caravan awnings and annexes provide completely enclosed spaces wherever you park your vehicle. But how to ensure optimal lighting inside the awning or annexe? These accessories come in minimal as well as full-fledged covered variants. Lighting needs to be managed properly to ensure adequate visibility but without incurring a lot of costs on energy consumption.

When you are on the road, it is important for you to save up as much energy as possible because you never know how long you would have to sustain the energy backup till you reach a charging port. LED lights offer cost effective solutions where you can get good lighting while ensuring low energy consumption and operating costs. These are pretty easy to setup and are available in different colours.

Who Needs Ice-Creams When You Can Make Your Own Campfire Cone

Campfire Cone

Still pondering over the perfect dessert item to finish off a fantastic camp meal? Put away that box of ice-cream. Make Campfire Cones instead. It takes just three steps to create your own personalized and out-of-the world sweet delights.

  • Step 1: Fill regular waffle cones with yummy ingredients such as marshmallows, chocolate chips and fresh fruits. The choice of ingredients is completely up to your taste.
  • Step 2: Wrap the cone in foil and bake it in a grill. If you don’t have a grill, then you can heat it over open fire. Now that should not be difficult to manage.
  • Step 3: Unwrap the cone while being careful not to scald your fingers. Dig in and relish the flavours of warm and molten happiness.

Still want ice-creams? Yeah, I thought so. Come up with your own Campfire Cone recipe and enjoy these sugary delights to your heart’s content.

Get Floor Tiles for Comfortable Flooring Inside Caravan Awnings and Annexes

Comfortable Flooring Inside Caravan Awnings and Annexes

You may have the best caravan awning or annexe with you, but you will never be able to find the desired comfort if the flooring isn’t right. Floor tiles are easy to find and they should not pose a problem in terms of installation. The tiles usually come with in-built grooves that attach to the protruding hooks. With these tiles, you can make the surface softer and prevent rising damp from the grounds.

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