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How to Remove Ugly Yellow Stains from your Caravan Awning

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Yellow Stains Caravan Awning

Removing stains can be a big challenge, especially when these stains are yellow in colour and appear on the caravan’s awnings. If you have a dark coloured awning fabric, then it would probably go unnoticed. However, it could be pretty evident in light coloured awning fabrics. Apart from the decolouration of the fabric, the stains could also harm the fabric itself if it is left unchecked over long periods.

What Causes The Yellow Stains?

Molds, various saps and sometimes animal urine may be the cause behind the discoloration. Remember, when you go on a caravan trip, you expose the vehicle to the wild and this means exposure to natural as well as other factors. Be sure to check where you park the caravan as this would give you a better understanding of what caused the stains in the first place.

Removing the Yellow Stains

The first and foremost requirement for removing the stains is to ensure that you keep a regular check where the signs of stains may be identified in the initial stages. This would reduce the possibility of extended damage to the fabric or the awning.

Alternatively, you may use the following steps to remove the yellow stains from the caravan awning. Before treating the fabric to cleaning agents, remove the fabric from the awning rail so that cleaning it becomes a bit convenient.

  • You would have to use a brush for getting the coarse portions of the stain free from the surface. Just make sure that the brush is not very coarse as it could cut through the fabric.
  • Now that most of the particles in the stain are free from the surface, use a cleaning solution (cleaning agent mixed in warm water) and rub into the stain using a sponge. Remember, detergents are good for mild stains while tough stains (especially ones resulting out of dew / mildew) need Lysol or a bleach-based product to treat.
  • Once you have rubbed the stained area with the solution, rinse it out with water. Most people would advise that a pressure pipe be used, but using water from a bucket would be a better approach as water from a pressure pipe could rupture the fabric. I am sure you would not want that to happen.
  • You might have to apply the cleaning solution more than once. If the stain doesn’t lighten after using the cleaning agent more than once, then opt a stronger cleaning agent and leave it on the stain after applying it thoroughly over it.
  • Once you have managed to get most of the stain removed, gently rub in some white vinegar and leave it there for 15 – 20 mins. Rinse the area with water afterwards.

Now that the stain is removed, let the fabric sit out in the open air and dry completely before you either fold and store it, or put it back on the awning rail. It is crucial to ensure that no moisture is retained in the fabric after the cleaning process as it could lead to the development of mildew. This is probably the reason why experts suggest awnings to be cleaned on a sunny day so that the warm sun may help in drying the fabric sooner.

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