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Tips for Keeping Your Outdoor Awning Looking Great

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Caravans make a great holiday accommodation! Yet, if you want to increase your living space while you are out on a caravanning trip, awnings are what you should be looking forward to! When you go out to purchase an awning, all you need to look after is the fabric you want, the poles and probably the texture! Once you have bought it, you also need to make sure that it always looks great every time you install it! Here are some Tips for Keeping Your Outdoor Awning Looking Great!

Outdoor Awning

Approach Commercial Awning Cleaners

Call for a commercial cleaner who is well versed with dealing with the awning fabrics! Be it a stain on the awning or a mildew, a professional will cleaning the awning in the most apt way, the way it should be cleaned! After all, an awning requires some spraying, cleaning, rolling and rinsing which can actually turn out to be a hassle for you!

Inspect Awnings For Mildew or Stains When First Opening

Before you leave for your caravanning trip, make sure that you open your awning for once, and check the fabric thoroughly to make sure there isn’t any mildew or stains sneaking on the fabric. You need to check for stains and mildew because awnings do develop mildew. Don’t opt for scrubbing, else it will eliminate the water-resistant finish.

Make Sure There Aren’t Any Tears

With time,the fabric of your awning might suffer from wear and tear! So make sure that you check for the tears and get the patches or the repair done before the fabric wears out completely!

Avoid Storing While Wet

In case you ever store your awning wet, it is most likely to develop a mildew or the moisture will eventually get the material rotting! Make sure that the awning is dry on both the sides and then store!

Store In Travel Mode

When you leave the site, fold and store the awning in the travel mode or it might get the fabric damaged during the travel!

Follow these simple tips and you will never have to look down for a new awning every now and then! So next time you get going for a caravanning trip, prepare your awnings well! In case, you still haven’t grabbed your awning to complement your trip, approach Australia Wide Annexes and they will offer you with the most apt awning according to the measurements of your caravan and your needs!

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