Winter Touring in Caravans and Motorhomes

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Winters are so gorgeous in Australia that you will cherish the freezing mountains and cold pathways throughout your journey. During winters, Australia looks completely different and beautiful.


Well, if you aren’t that familiar with the winter touring then, we have compiled a list of important stuff that you should carry to make your caravanning a little more comfortable:

Install some Annexes and Awnings

When travelling with the family, you need to make sure to have more than enough space for everything. In a cosy motorhome, it may not be possible to have enough space and so, installing awnings and annexes will help you.

Carry a supply of Freshwater

Australia is freezingly cold in winters. The pipes and tapes freeze and so do the other water resources. While buying water from the supermarket is always an option, but carrying some on your own is both economical and wise. You wouldn’t want to stay thirsty for hours running out of drinking water, waiting for some supermarket to show up.

Snow chains to tow your caravan

It can be extremely frustrating to carry extra weight during snowy winters; so, make sure you carry snow chains as it gives you extra traction on slippery roads. However, it requires some practice, but following proper instructions can you lead you in the right way. Also, we would recommend you to carry some waterproof gloves in the caravan for chain fitting which will keep your hands warm and keep the grease off your hands.

Cooking equipment is a must

How can you forget about delicious camping meals, when thinking of caravanning? To make your caravanning more enjoyable and comfortable, carry all the necessary kitchen equipment so that you don’t have to hassle for food. And, when we talk about caravanning food, then Aussies have a special memory associated with caravan barbecue as it is one of the most suitable settings to cook.

If you are concerned about a safe cooking space then, you can use Xtend Outdoors BBQ ARM. Made of sturdy galvanized steel, it is strong and easy to attach.

Caravan awnings are a life saviour

Carrying caravan awnings would come handy in protecting yourself from the wintery chills that you get on site. It will provide you with an extra room that’s insulated and protect you from the discomfort that cold breezes pose whenever the caravan door opens.

Carefree Fiesta Manual Roll Out Led Awnings is favourite among all RVers as it is simple to use and easy to set up.

RV Covers to protect your RV

You would surely not want your RV to look shabby due to bird feathers and snow accumulated on the top of your RV. It’s better to carry an RV cover to keep it protected from all the snow and grime that may accumulate when you park your RV somewhere and plan to unwind for a while.

Always carry cassette toilets

Another important concern while caravanning during winters is the exposure to chilly winters as you make a place for toilet and shower on the camping site. It can be really freezing and cold outside, so, it’s best to carry a Caravan Ensuite which is specially designed to add a shower and toilet area in your camper room. Moreover, it also gives you privacy which is much needed and easily attaches to your caravan.

These were some essential items that you must not forget when you are touring during the winters in Australia. Now that you know what to consider for a perfect winter camping, so just prep up and hit the road.

Have a happy and safe winter touring. For more caravan related stuff, stay tuned with Xtend Outdoors. We wish you have an exciting caravanning experience ahead!

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